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Create Facebook ads with cutting-edge AI

Easily create Facebook ads that make an impact, drive conversions, and leave an impression. Turn your concepts into visually captivating ads with Picsart’s AI Facebook ad generator.

Introducing the AI Facebook ad generator

AI ad makers and generators are tools designed to automate the process of ad creation. You input your product, logo, or other visuals, and it creates images and backgrounds based on your input to create ads.

Most general ad makers that you can find in Google Search are simply photo editors. And sometimes this can be good if you know exactly what you want and have. However, in most cases, you still need some inspiration, create the visuals, define the copy, or even understand who to target and how to schedule and post ads. And this is where AI ad makers come in. 

AI ad generators make it easy and quick to create ads for everyone. And AI (GPT) generates highly relevant and high-converting visuals so everyone can be a great marketer. 

Ignite your Facebook ads across various industries

Ecommerce business owners

From start-up shops to larger enterprises, Facebook is one of the best advertising channels to build brand awareness and drive traffic.

Marketers and Agencies

Facebook is known for ROI-positive campaigns due to its advanced targeting algorithms. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and make the most of every lead with engaging ads.

pinterest visual ad

Marketplace sellers

The competition on marketplaces can be fierce, but Facebook offers a cost-effective solution to help you sell more products.

free ad maker online

Entrepreneurs and founders

Facebook's algorithm allows you to test new concepts and businesses quickly, so you can effortlessly create Facebook ads and optimize your strategy.

Effortlessly create Facebook ads with AI

Even if you don’t have any design experience, it’s easy to speed up your workflow with Admaker. Start with your own image, select a background, and watch as the Instagram ad generator works its magic. To take your ad to new heights, choose your ad’s goal and tone of voice to generate unlimited variants of text to experiment with. Just need ad copy? Check out the ad copy generator to elevate your brand’s story and leave a lasting impression.

Your go-to Facebook ads generator

Intuitive interface

Streamline your workflow and ditch other tools. Admaker provides a single platform for ad creation, making your life easier.

Quick results

Craft polished ads in about a minute. Swift results mean more business for you.

Designed for ads

No more using tools for copy, creative, and resizing. We’ve seamlessly integrated all the tech you need into one centralized platform.

Preview any device

Wonder what your ads look like across different platforms? Enjoy live previews to optimize your visuals across various platforms and devices.

Generate endless variants

Create variations in a fraction of the time it usually takes so you can dedicate your valuable time and resources toward growing your business.

No boring templates

Stand out from the crowd and captivate your audience with innovative ads. With Admaker, you can tailor your visuals and copy in infinite ways.

Optimize your Facebook ads for maximum results

Prioritize hyper-personalization

Create Facebook ads to target specific audience segments with tailored content, using data-driven insights to create highly ultra-relevant messages for every segment.

A/B test like a pro

Automate and optimize your A/B testing process with AI, allowing you to swiftly identify high-performing ad variations and continuously refine your campaigns for maximum impact.

Embrace interactive formats

Capitalize on AI’s capabilities to craft interactive ad experiences, such as quizzes, polls, or augmented reality elements, for deeper engagement and higher conversion rates.

Harness real-time insights

Integrate AI analytics tools to monitor ad performance in real time, empowering you to stay ahead of the competition in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

How to use the Facebook ad creator

1. Upload image

Start with your own image or use AI to generate a new product image based on your description.

2. Choose background

Explore our premade backgrounds or generate a custom background with the text-to-AI tool.

3. Generate copy

Enter your brand name, tone of voice, and other details about your product to create personalized copy for your ad.

4. Create variants

Use AI to create multiple variants of your ads and explore options for your advertising campaign.

Discover pro-grade templates for Facebook ads

wooden plinth, (white backdrop), green leaves, natural bright lighting, product shoot

Wooden Plinth Product Lift

Prompt: wooden plinth, (white backdrop), green leaves, natural bright lighting, product shoot

plinth, stone disk, pastel colors, subtle shadow, studio backdrop, empty background

Pastel Arch 2

Prompt: plinth, stone disk, pastel colors, subtle shadow, studio backdrop, empty

veined white flat marble plinth, veined marble countertop, shadows on background, soft lighting, bright, photo shoot

Marble Stone Studio

Prompt: veined white flat marble plinth, veined marble countertop, shadows on background, soft lighting, bright, photo shoot


Frequently Asked Questions

An AI Facebook ads generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create and design Facebook advertisements automatically.

An AI Facebook ads generator works by analyzing data and patterns to generate ad content, images, and targeting options, saving time and effort for advertisers.

The benefits of using an AI Facebook ads generator include faster ad creation, increased personalization, improved targeting, and the potential to optimize campaigns based on real-time data.

While an AI Facebook ads generator streamlines the ad creation process, it cannot completely replace human creativity, as human input is essential for crafting unique and emotionally compelling ad concepts.

Limitations of using an AI Facebook ads generator include the potential for less nuanced and emotionally resonant ads compared to those created by human experts, and it may struggle with certain niche markets or complex branding strategies.

When choosing an AI Facebook ads generator, consider factors such as its ease of use, data privacy policies, integration with existing ad platforms, customer support, and its ability to align with your specific advertising objectives and target audience.

Other popular ad channels

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LINE is extremely popular in Asia. For many companies in Asia, LINE is the go-to for advertising.