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Create captivating TikTok ads quickly

It’s time to say goodbye to brainstorming and creating TikTok ads from scratch. Supercharge your ads with Picsart’s AI-powered TikTok ad maker to drive results and invisibility.

Discover how to make TikTok ads that drive results

Welcome to the future of TikTok advertising. Whether you’re a marketing pro or just learning how to make TikTok ads, AI has got you covered. Our cutting-edge technology understands the trends, styles, and audience preferences on TikTok, so you can effortlessly create ads that stand out from the crowd. Instead of spending hours on editing, this intuitive platform simplifies the entire process, allowing you to create TikTok ads in minutes.

Create TikTok ads with pro-grade templates

You’ve worked hard to grow your brand — and you deserve ads that work just as hard as you do. Personalize your TikTok ads in seconds with professional templates designed to fit your brand’s unique identity. Once you’ve learned how to make TikTok ads, generate irresistible copy with AI to captivate potential customers. Simply enter a text prompt, add some keywords, and let AI take the marketing tasks off your plate.

4 high-performing TikTok ad formats

Ready to revolutionize your ad strategy? Join the ranks of successful brands leveraging the power of AI in TikTok advertising with these popular ad formats.

Master TikTok? 3 tips to get you started...

Collaborate with content creators

Partnering with popular TikTok content creators can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your ad campaign. Their creativity and ability to connect with their followers can greatly enhance the impact of your message.

Leverage out-of-the-box perspectives

TikTok is known for its viral trends and creative challenges. By tapping into these trends and putting your own unique twist on them, you can create content that is both entertaining and relatable. This approach can help your ads stand out from the crowd and generate organic engagement.

Outsource video production

If you lack the expertise or resources to create high-quality and well-edited videos, consider outsourcing video production to professionals. Investing in professionally-made content ensures a visually appealing and compelling storytelling experience for your audience.

How to create TikTok ads with AI

1. Upload image

Upload a product image to the TikTok ad maker or choose from Picsart’s AI image library.

2. Enter text prompt

Enter a detailed text prompt describing your desired TikTok ad.

3. Generate ad

Use the Generate button to create TikTok ads based on your prompt.

4. Download ad

Explore the different options to choose the best ad. Then, use the Export button to download your TikTok ad. 

Other popular ad channels

Snapchat still has lots of recurring users that stay engaged with the platform. And they have an easy-to-use ad platform. 

Under the same company as Facebook: Meta. Instagram can be a powerful channel to attract potential customers.

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