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Image to prompt generator

Create effective descriptions for AI with the prompt generator. Get the desired result even faster and minimize the number of wasted credits on failed attempts.

What is an AI image prompt generator?

No more getting stuck when writing prompts for AI image generators. Use AI to create descriptive and effective prompts for your image-generation needs. Briefly describe what you’re looking to create and the AI image prompt generator will create a detailed prompt for you to use. 

Turn a brief description into an effective prompt

Getting the prompt right is essential for generating the best result and it can take some time (and many wasted credits) until you find the right approach. With the prompt generator, you can just describe your vision in a few words and generate a detailed prompt description in significantly less time. Quickly adjust the generated prompt to your liking or just regenerate to get a closer match. 


Make prompt writing a breeze

Creating visuals with AI image generators is already groundbreakingly fast, but what if you can make it even faster with the image prompt generator? Craft prompts that get you the exact image you are after and stop spending credits on failed attempts. Whether you’re creating for work or your personal projects, the AI image prompt generator can handle it all.

How to generate a prompt with AI

1. Select category

Specify whether you want to generate an image, video, text, or code.

2. Describe

Type a few words about the type of content you want to generate with AI in the first text box.

3. Select format

Describe the desired style, resolution, or other essential format details in the second text box.

4. Choose length

Choose between Short, Medium, and Long to adjust the length of your prompt. The longer the prompt, the more descriptive it will be.

5. Generate

Use the Generate prompt button and that’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the AI Image Prompt Generator free to use?


What differentiates this prompt generator from others?

Admaker by Picsart’s AI prompt generator can help you craft effective prompts for your image, video, text, and even code generation needs. Just describe your vision in a couple of words and let the AI create a more descriptive prompt. 

What is the best AI prompt generator?

Admaker by Picsart’s AI prompt generator is built to help you generate effective prompts for various needs regardless if you’re generating images, ad copy, videos, or even code.